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    Following the colour codes for the Mk3 I know of and some infos about how to look them up.

    Clio 3 RS (Phase 1 and 2):

    Colour Code: French designation - direct Translation - English designation (used on versions)

    TE J37: Jaune Sirius - Sirius Yellow - Liquid Yellow (F1 R27, 200, 200 Cup, Australian GP)
    TE RNC: Bleu Monako - Monaco Blue - Albi Blue (197, F1 R27, 200)
    TE RNT: Bleu Malte - Malta Blue - Gordini Blue (Gordini)
    TE DNR: Vert Alien - Alien Green (200, 200 Cup)
    TE J39: Blanc de Nacré - Frost White (Akrapovic Edition)
    TE QND: Blanc Givre Nacré - Pearlescent Frost White - Pearl White (200, 20th Anniversary Edition, Edition 20, BLACK & WHITE, Ange & Démon)
    TE D69: Gris Platine - Platinum Grey - Mercury Silver (Silverstone GP)
    TE F60: Gris Makaha - Makaha Grey - Nimbus Grey (197, 197 Cup, F1 R27, 200, 200 Cup)
    TE KNW: Gris Hologramme Mat - Matt Hologram Grey - Stealth Grey (RSP, Ange & Démon, Sport Auto Edition, Raider)
    TE GNA: Noir Profond - Deep Black (197, F1 R27, 200, 200 Cup, Gordini, RB7)

    OV NNF: Rouge Toro - Bull Red - Ultra Red (197, F1 R27, 200, 200 Cup)
    OV NNQ: Rouge Toro Mat - Matt Bull Red - Diavolo Red (Ange & Démon, Raider)
    OV J45: Bleu Dynamo - Dynamo Blue - Racing Blue (197, 197 Cup, F1 R27, 200, 200 Cup)
    OV 369: Blanc Glacier - Glacier White (197, 197 Cup, F1 R27, 200, 200 Cup, Gordini)
    OV KNQ: Gris Asphalte - Asphalt Grey - Storm Grey (200, 200 Cup)


    * 20588: Aluminium (Gris)
    * 205110: Anthracite (Gris Metal Froid)
    * 205253: Black (Noir) for Cup rims
    694: Black (Noir) for Interlagos rims

    TE: Teinte à effet - Effect colour
    OV: Opaque vernis - Opaque paint
    *: ixell colour code


    If you want to look up or search for any colours (also for other Renaults or brands) go to the following page.

    You'll have to sign up there but there are no strings attached. You won't even get a confirmation email and can use the search right after you registered.

    There are multiple ways to use the search mask. Following three examples.


    A: By a known colour code.

    1. Type in the respective letters, numbers or their combination in the color code field and click on the button with the magnifier.

    2. The result will look like this.

    3. You can click on the respective colour to get more infos like for example the formula number.

    4. If you click it again you'll get an even more precise overview with the exact composition of the colour.


    B: By brand and colour name.

    1. Type in the brand and name of the colour you are searching for in the respective fields.

    2. The results will look like this and you can click on the respective entry to get further infos.


    C: By brand and model.

    1. Fill out the respective fields. Please note that the search is not able to distinguish between the different marks and you've to type in a year for more specific results.

    2. The result with all colours used on Clio RS.


    I hope this helps a bit.
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    Great stuff!

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