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Can I have company recommendations for Meglios from all you guys that have already had it done / lived with it / done track days etc

Unfortunately it’s not for me it’s for a friend who isn’t on here but we track day together.

The bottom end went on his at Cadwell earlier this month so he’s looking for a conversion to be down over the winter
My one’s with Chris at BeanieSport - he’s not the cheapest, but he’s done 30+ cars and does a really comprehensive conversion. Almost everything I asked about was included/replaced.

The Megane engines are bored and fully rebuilt, and you can spec in whatever extras you want in terms of uprated components. Forged pistons were already included so I just added the forged con rods.

You can also upgrade anything else you want in the engine bay for the cost of the parts - I went for an uprated intercooler and hybrid turbo.
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