May/June Issue of Performance French Cars – Freebies included!

David the Ed' has been busy and the next issue is Rammed to the brim with content. We have a new technical editor on board so welcome to Rob Hawkins (many of you will know him). As a special the magazine has for the sixth consecutive issue jumped in size and now over 35% thicker than it was under previous publisher. The magazine is swelling with good technical (see below). The cover car confirms this with an engineering marvel!

It’s NOT too late to sign up now and get this issue through the door when it goes to press in a week or so £2.33 an issue plus £1 P&P (Royal mail charged at cost). Thats a saving on the £4 cover price as well.

4 Welcome
All the elements the weather can offer don’t stop the editor getting the pic!

6 News
What's hot this month plus PFC-sponsored Mégane at Silverstone!

8 Products
Four, yes that’s four, pages of cool kit for your motor

OK, a 106 with a Honda Prelude engine in the back? WTF? We lift the lid (well, boot) on this incredible story.

18 Track Guide: Nurburgring
A corner-by-corner guide on how best to tackle the legendary Nordschleife

22 Technical
TrackLogic’s Mégane gets a set of throttle bodies…

25 Tech talk
Traction control comes under Matt Faulk’s watchful eye

27 Show report
Santa Pod in March can only mean one thing: The Fast Show is back! PFC went along…

28 Lion King
One man’s incredible collection of Peugeots – and the odd Renault, too…

34 Yellow, not mellow
A Trophy Clio V6 with serious attitude

41 [COVER STORY] Rally Report
Rally Mexico saw the first ever WIRC win for the new Citroën DS3. Our Rebecca Williams was there

46 Clio meet
Wet Wales didn’t damped the spirits of various forums as they took to the hills for a day to remember

51 Detailing guide
Supplementing our fantastic giveaway this month, an insight into cleaning your wheels and interior – properly!

56 [COVER STORY] Gone with the wind
Glenn Robson’s Renault 5 GT Turbo enjoys a legendary reputation on the quarter mile – here’s why!

All the sights and all the action, listed here to help you get the most out of your day at FCS 2011

68 Long Term test
The editor’s Clio Gordini has been racking up the miles. But has it all been plain sailing?

Is your car in our brand new reader section? Fast forward to page 72 now and find out!

77 PFC visits…
…AT Speed Racing. And they make a nice cup of coffee, too! Colin Thorndyke talks about ECU mapping.

83 Project T16
Gary Midwinter’s car is getting tantalisingly close to being finished now…

88 Buyer’s Guide
All you need to know on the Renault 5 GT Turbo, written by the experts at RTOC

Technical editor Rob Hawkins on replacing your ageing gearbox and engine mounts

What to expect in the next PFC, on sale 23 June


Platinum Member
I guess the accurate answer would be to 'buy it to find out'.... ;/

It isn't an article, but some shots and gets a mention too!


Platinum Member
Yeah I had already bought it and I was flicking through after the Nationals when I spotted my car!

It is a really interesting read and TBH I am thinking of subscribing. :smile:
i felt the last issue i bought still looked like a dated magazine tbh. but a good read, and i will buy again. so i suppose that is what's important.


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Mine arrived in the post yesterday but it was missing the freebies stated on the cover :worried:

Good read this month though


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I am liking the Nurburgring track guide too - will be handy for June - might read it on the way round LMAO!


I Love Lamp
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I bought last month (or 2 month) issue and this new one from the RS meet. Good little magazine, but has a few spelling and editing mistakes that need to be addressed.