IPOD Problems - Media Monkey.

Hi to the Techys,

Basically my problem is that I have a 10 year old original classic IPOD, its been great until it decided to give up the ghost recently on the earphone socket rendering it useless to listen to however it still works in operation. The PC/hard drive that was originally loaded with my entire CD collection (about 5k songs) with I Tunes also died many years ago and binned. I therefore have all my songs stuck on this IPOD which I might add has not been updated pretty much since the day I bought it.

Anyway - technology and copyright has moved on since the late 90s and I have been told that if I were to get I tunes on my new home PC, the I Tunes would altomatically sync with my old IPOD and wipe my entire collection out. I was recomended Media Monkey by someone and have sucessfully downloaded all my tunes onto my new PC, however I cannot seem to listen to it thru my laptop or move any songs onto my old skool Nokia N95 or more recent Samsung mini Ipod type thing.

It lists all of the songs but it says that the songs downloaded are in a different format but doesnt explain how to fix them. Any ideas or is anyone aware of another system/format that I could use to save my collection.

Just to confirm for the records - all of the songs were painfully uploaded from CDs rather than poached from the net as I am not that technically advanced.





Download iTunes. Open file button top left and import folder.

Browse to where ever you put it and select folder.

Really - its that easy...

Thing is iim not really a big fan of Apple as they are very restrictive on what you can do. If I did use I tunes - would I then be able to upload songs onto non Apple products?

Sorry about all the questions - am a bit of a technophobe.


Yes and no, iTunes rips in m4a format by default not mp3 so that's why your having issues as your new device seemingly can't play that format.

So you either need one that can play m4a or convert anything not in mp3 to mp3, or re rip it all.