Iphone 8, 8+ & 10


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sounds like she would be happy with the Samsung not sure about a Chinese phone .....
The Oneplus is not a chinese phone? The Xiaomi is, Oneplus has been around for a good while and has a really good fan base.

Also the S8 is 33% more expensive (@ £599, whereas the Oneplus 5T is £450).
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The OnePlus 5T is awesome, if I wasn't such a brand whore, I'd definitely have one - guys at work here have them and I work in Tech :tongueout:
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I would avoid Chinese phones...

Said the s8 was too expensive but what about an S7? What kind of budget are you looking at?


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The OnePlus 5T is awesome, if I wasn't such a brand whore, I'd definitely have one - guys at work here have them and I work in Tech :tongueout:
Exactly Micah, I think people are confusing what I wrote, I said I was impressed with the Chinese phone, but for the money it wasn't far off the Oneplus (which isn't Chinese, for the second time lol).

Regarding the S7 comment, it's old tech, that will only get older, so I am trying to get the best features, for VFM, I would love to get her an S8 as it is an amazing phone, but seeing as my sister is telling me off for spending the amount I am already on her, she'd kill me if I bought her an S8 haha. Also I have to buy other people gifts, not pooing out money :wink:

It's different courses for different horses, we'd all like some AST coilovers @ £3k, but most of us opt for cheaper alternatives, doesn't make them any worse, just fits their price limit.

I was told £300 max, but I have already gone over £150 haha.
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First thoughts about the S8 plus are fantastic. Enjoying it thus far. Easy to navigate and use. Seemingly smooth, and fast. Screen is beautiful. Very happy 1 day in!

Pac is being transfered over and have applied a screen protector (wet applied) that takes about a day to ‘cure/bond’ to the screen - not permanant but because of the curved screen it seems to be the prefered choice for screen protectors... So wont be using for another day or two :worried:
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crazy money for something which get upgraded every 2 years or so.
ill stick to my Samsung which has had all these features for a couple years now and not pay through the roof.

did you know the new iPhone screen and processor is Samsung!!! Samsung only company big enough to supply the demand required and is now Samsung biggest earner!!! Crazy.
yeah i was reading up on the OLED screen technology the other day. Apple will no doubt invest a ton of cash into it now. it said they would buy out LG screen tech or something. once they start using something they rarely go backwards.

so much for the 28 days wait. i'm stuck offshore for 2 weeks and it comes tomorrow. :sob:

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