Insurance Writeoff YP63 YKD

Discussion in 'Clio 200T Area' started by DanKirby, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. DanKirby


    Ashford, Kent
    White Clio Cup 200T EDC
    Hey All,

    Back in 2014 i think it was i had the 200th (so i'm told) clio rs 200T in white. The vehicle was written off by my insurers and it was sent to scrappy heaven, However someone had told me that the car was purchased from the scrap yard and turned into a track car or repaired for road use.

    The reg plate was YP63 YKD, The reason for this post is because i've finally cleared out my desk at work and have found the original key along with the code for getting another cut. This may not get anywhere but if anyone knows where this car is now. I'd like to return this key to the rightful owner. I guess the owner would ideally need to collect so that i could use the key to unlock the car so that it doesn't land in the wrong hands.

    Can anyone help?.

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