hub carrier damage


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Hi at all, after installing adjustable top mounts on my H&R suspension (they are like bilstein) the car makes hit sounds when driving over little edges. I changed all 4 drop links and saw this damage in the hole for the short link in the hub carrier, should I change it? I tested the Car very fast on the road an the Sound came back after one Week. The wishbones are new and I want Change the Others Ball joint in the Future.PXL_20220506_150759016.jpg
The hole obviously shouldn't look like that. But I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. Is the part with the bolt a tie rod? If so there should be a sleeve around the lower part of the bolt. If that is missing the bolt has play which will lead to wear like in your photo.


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Looks like it’s been left loose at some point, and that’s what has elongated the hole.
Clean the surfaces up, tighten properly, and it should be fine.
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"the new red baron"
anti-rotation link has been loose...

could just put a nut and washer on and tighten it up

or maybe a little chemical metal in the ovulid hole to take it back to being round - clean & dress up with a file and then nut & washer nice and tight should be fine