front hub carriers

hi all hope all is well. Took my car to have the alignment done today, im in need of a new n/s front hub apparently, are these the same for cup and non cup 197s?
mine is a cup, any help greatly appreciated thanks
hi all, a bit late with this but i ordered from rpd and had it delivered to my garage where the car was being worked on: great service from rpd as usual and the garage too who are a proper old school motorsport prep establishment called automech in irlam manchester, i had initially only booked the car in for a 4 wheel alignment as another garage who i have used for years in emergencies fucked the alignment right up. Car is brilliant to drive now the best its been in my ownership. Ivd still got a clunk when im manoeuvring on my drive way which is really getting me down! i suspect broken front spring drivers side maybe, how come they are prone to snapping? (genuine renault ones)




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they can snap, however i'd of expected your mechanic to spot that if they were working on the car


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cup vs non cup difference only spring and dampers + anti-roll bar and on 200 steering rack (as in its quicker) suspension wise...and later cars have different top mounts
rs rowe yeah true..
is it possible they could've missed it as they were replacing the hub on the nearside and i suspect the clunk is coming from the offside?
i have actually got one of those track focus direct steering rack bushes (polyamide) which are supposed to be good at alleviating such clunks (?).
trouble was i took the car to have the alignment done only, but then i got the call to say the hub was badly worn and i needed to source a replacement. Its due to go back to have some new front shocks so ill get the bush fitted then probably, failing that ill go for a 200 rack