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    Conlig County Down Northern Ireland
    Renaultsport Clio 197 (2008)
    Pleased it went well....looking forward to the pictures enjoy.

    Bristol to Cairnryan in 5h 23Mins.... That was tight on Saturday. Our flight landed ok on time but I turned on my phone on landing to find a text message from Chester at MCR Cars saying they can't pick us up due to being understaffed so get a taxi and cost will be covered. Which it was. Can't really fault these guys, they presented the car 100% and even refurbed the alloys for me.

    So we left Bristol at 1330, one hour and a half later than we wanted to. My dad took the wheel first and I picked up about 10 mile after Birmingham. Very loud journey cruising at 90, I believe there is an aftermarket exhaust on but time will tell on that one, it is loud but I don't know what they sound like standard.

    The car didn't really come alive until we made the last 80 mile dash to the boat at Carlisle, I pulled over and gave the keys back to the auld man.... He can drive and he really push the limit on the singular road back with a massive smile on his face. What a journey and what a car.

    I am really happy :blush:

    I'll try and get a few photos up at some point.[/QUOTE]

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    Northern Ireland
    GW Clio 200 Cup
    7e8752e793d33d0b00071d99a078a386.jpg 5b4a1eca667fcf083b18adfd424e0fbf.jpg 130e0458f0d35123a5693bc39c90ebd2.jpg eb0d2e03347dd4c596753b639b64cdd0.jpg

    I’m not the photographer lol

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