Hello from the Netherlands

Hello from the Netherlands. I'm the owner a 2009 RB Clio 197, a relatively rare colour in this country (only 2 or 3 in the entire country as far as I know). I travel to the UK quite frequently and I might be after a few bits for the Clio once I'm able to to travel to the UK again, which is why I joined the forum.

I did indeed. Its an R27 with and R26 engine and gearbox. Built by Veban for the most part with Madeno doing the suspension.
Cool! Reason I was asking is because I saw it at Veban last year whilst it was being engine swapped. Caught my eye because of the colour. I bought mine from them.
Dutchie here as well! Just bought my Clio 3 RS Cup on the 1st of January :wink:

I'm from Amsterdam. Looks like you are from Rotterdam?

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