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    Clio 197
    Now then, I finally got grams springs and cup shocks fitted (had full FAT before). They have been on the car since July.


    Springs cost me £160 - forgot the price for cup shocks, but I bought the Clio 200 rear cups as they were much cheaper.

    I paid £600 at DCC Doncaster for cambelt service (they provided parts) and labour for changing the springs, shocks including top mounts, all new suspension links and had also the rear axle spacers fitted. IMO very cheap and ultra happy with the job that they did. All in all it cost me £1,000 for basically new suspension and cambelt change.


    Definitely an improvement!!! See attached pictures. They drop the car for about 35mm all round. I also got the 10mm rear and 5mm front spacers, which complement the stance.


    They feel stiffer, but not crashy at all!! I expected them to be stiffer and crashier LOL. They feel like quality progressive springs and definitely do not feel like a cheap set up. I mean, you do feel more imperfections in the road, but not that you’ll lose your teeth over hitting a bump. Motorway driving feels very stable and more confident.

    The body roll has reduced a lot and I feel like the car is much more stable in the corners - a definite improvement in terms of handling and road confidence ie. “chuckability”.

    From the website (camracing) they state that these are for fast road and light track use. Nevertheless, I feel that these are just perfect for B roads and perhaps light track use, never took them to a track though.

    Overall, I am very happy with these, especially with the price, as coilovers would have cost me so much more.

    There are some before and after photos - before the car near a tree.


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    RB 200 cup
    Car looks good... I’ve used DDC for various things and they’re really good.

    looks familiar, I'm sure I’ve seen this driving round Doncaster
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