Finally got xenons fixed

My xenons auto leveling has been playing up for a while now so i popped down to a renault service centre near me for them to have a look.

I was expecting to have to pay out for a sensor or something but they found the problem was that the main dealer up the road that changed my gearbox last year had pinched a wire in the subframe and it was throwing a fault up on the diagnostics.

This now reminds me of why i said i would never set foot in that dealer again .

Anyway, they had it in the workshop for nearly an hour to free the wire and clear the fault, and the cost?

Not a penny:thumbup1:
I just ordered a rear xenon level sensor through a main dealer, 3 weeks later posted from France.... Wrong one! I'm not planning on using them agin, constant screw ups!

What were your xenons Problems? Pointing straight to the ground?