finally got a few jobs done, now got a creak

hi all hope all is well

last week I got my car back from the garage (just a general local one I've used for years).

I had developed a sticking rear caliper and I finally got the lambda sensors fitted too. Whilst it was in I had them do an m.o.t aswell.

Luckily all seemed ok, it was my first test since buying the car last year.

One odd note they made was

'mis matched springs on the front axle'

they never spoke to me about it and I only saw it on the certificate when I got home but I thought it was odd!?

mine is a genuine 197 cup and I dont think it's got a non cup spring on it anywhere?

I can't quite see the coloured dots on the springs though..

Sorry, babbling on here,

the main part of my post was that since having the car back a week, I've got a creak from the steering now!! only when I turn at parking speeds!?

is this likely due to them tampering with the front discs maybe?

I've read it could be ball joints aswell but seeing as it passed the m.o.t I wondered?

not the best news when you have been made redundant

thanks for reading and for any help.


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You might have a broken spring that can make similar noise to lower ball joints they are very hard to spot on these cars the tail or last coil at the bottom can break off in the cup of the shock and except for the spacing of the coils which should be identical on both sides is one way to spot it as you might not feel anything moving around. I only found one broken at the bottom when I split the shock to replace the top mount that had split. Lower ball joints usually have play in them when you grab the road wheel at the 12 O'clock and 6 O'clock position and push/pull. Your report did say mismatched springs so one could have collapsed in height I did have a broken spring once it was in three pieces the car was still not that noticeably different to drive normally.
Brill, thank you mate I didnt think of that. I can't see any noticeable difference in ride height but as you say it could still be broken!

I shall take the car back for another look over!

many thanks indeed :thumb:

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