Festival Italia 2017 - Brands Hatch


Clumsy McButterfingers
On the spur of the moment we popped half an hour down the road to Brands Hatch this morning to see what the event was all about. Some great machinery there as well as some good racing! My old forum were also there - Fiat Coupé Club UK and I finally got to meet some of the members from when I frequented the site a good 12 years ago! One of them still has his 180k mile 16v, so it just goes to show that regular maintenance goes a long way (literally!).
There were more 500 Abarth's than you could shake a stick at, but some with a decent amount of work, and this guy was also there with some Forge goodies under the bonnet.
There were some lovely Alfa Romeo's, and... well, I've learnt something today. Italian cars just don't do it for me. There were endless Ferrari's and Lambo's (boring) and Maserati's (mega-boring) and only a few stood out - a Countach, an F40 and some oooold stuff like Delta Integrale's and Stratos (Strati?). I stuck around for a few hours and had a really nice time, but nothing got me more excited than seeing the 220 parked up in a sea of 500 Abarth's in the car park. I bloody love it! Never thought I'd be saying that about a Mk4, but I've really fallen for it.
Picture album here, but below are some of my favourites.


Just like what I had back in '05

One for the RB boys...


Oh, and how could I forget - F1 cars on the track. I've never heard one in the flesh, I got goosebumps good and proper!



Looks like you had a cracking day with all the beautiful metal there..
Love the f1..and there's no rain:chris1:
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Italian cars just don't do it for me.
really? not even a delta integrale evo?
not overly excited by supercars myself (though that blue 458 looks cool), but a red evo with white wheels ...