Exhaust Wrap for Manifold Flexis?


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The manifold flexis are almost gone on my car, thankfully there's no leaks yet but the metal mesh is all but gone. Is there some kind of exhaust wrap anyone has used which could cover the flexis and should they break keep the fumes contained?

I obviously would like to not have to replace the manifold if possible.

I was thinking of getting the usual exhaust wrap but that only holds on with cable ties and don't think it would seal around the flexis properly.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Well, not sure that is a true option. The metal mesh is what keeps the halves of the iron pipes in place, and is under decent amounts of stress. Wraps will not take that stress for long.

Why not look into Toyo headers? Much cheaper than stock.
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I guess I'll have to soon, I'm just not keen on doing it on the driveway as imagine the manifold bolts will be really tricky to get to.

I've also got a full Akra exhaust so losing the precat will be an MOT issue someday, and the Akra is loud enough as it is!

If anyone has a any tips on tools I may need beyond the usual 200pc Halfords sets it's appreciated... I may just get the flexis replaced on the original manifold if anyone knows of anyone around NW London?
There are people who do these jobs on their drive, but it’s certainly not something I could be arsed doing on the floor.
The manifold itself is pretty simple to unbolt, all of which can be undone from the top.
It’s just a pain having to drop/remove the subframe and then having to have an alignment.
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As above, I've done this all on my drive. It's not too bad. The only trouble with the manifold bolts is it's a bit of a back killer leaning over the bay so much

Off the top of my head I actually accessed most of the bottom ones from the bottom, lying on the floor

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Ok cheers guys, doesn't sound too bad then really as I've had the subframe of a few times. Just need to find somewhere local that will swap out the flexis and do a decent job. I suppose as they're flexis even if it's not perfect the manifold should still mate with the exhaust.

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