Do Clio 197/200s 'Rattle' ?

I've read a few comments that suggest the Clio 197/200s suffer from trim rattles.

Is this a general problem and does it afflict certain specs (Cups?) or model years more than others?

Just wondered.


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It's a small cheap French hot hatch (not that being French has anything to do with it). What "non german" car doesn't have some sort of rattle?

So in answer to your question. They do rattle. But not much (ours doesn't anyway).
if its not rattleing then ur not driving it hard enough lol
Nice :wink:

Mine rattles a little from the dash area but it comes and it goes tbh.

Tbh i think they are pretty quiet compared to other french cars ive had.

Going from a Saxo to this i can tell, a small rattle in an RS is NOTHING compared to the world of trouble your in with regard to a rattle in a Saxo.


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All cars rattle, it's a fallacy to say or even think that other cars don't.

Mine doesn't rattle noticeably.


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mines has different trim rattles depending on the engine revs ;/

but once above 7000rpm you dont hear them!!!
be british about it, if you hear a rattle turn up the radio and pretend you never heard it.

ive got an annoying rattle/vibration coming from my stereo. I did fit an after market so its my fault, and it took ages to get it to fit flush so dont wanna rip it out again.
I only notice any rattles when I don't have the radio on... so I just keep it on all the time. It's alot better than my flat mates 182 though


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I don't think they rattle particularly, especially since many run on stiffer Cup Chassis and they all have low profile tyres.