CLIP recommendations


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Any recommendations for which CLIP to buy? Read a few things about various Chinese copies having an unstable connection but anyone managed to find one that's pretty good?

The link above was posted in another thread but looking for people who've experience from buying and using one that's for sale.

I bought a Chinese clone a few years ago and it does most things okay. It does lose communication with the car every so often. I was unable to change the firmware in a radio because that required communication for 30 minutes or more. But for most diagnostic checks and changing things like air bag set ups it is fine.
I think I saw a post of yours on another thread. The link to what you bought doesn't exist any more does it? Just looking for a recommended link or is it just a case of pick one from ebay and hope for the best?
The main thing I want it for is bleeding the ABS pump/system as I bleed the brakes quite often with it being a track car