Clio 3 rs 200 2011 Front nearside Inner Wheel Arch Cover Liner

Hi does anyone know where online I can get a Clio 3 rs 200 2011 Front nearside Inner Wheel Arch Cover Liner ( the plastic under the main arch) the garage want silly money for the part - are they the same as 197 or normal clio's - I cannot find anything much online - also I will need a radiator support bracket as its going rusty any help appreciated thanks steve


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The front wheel arch plastics are very expensive each front arch has a two pieces forward and rear and are a Renault only part and not the same as other Clio's as none of the other Clio's have 17" wheels. Why not become a member someone might sell a set in the for sale section you will not be able to access until your a paid member along with the how to section.
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Taking it that number 1 is NSF main front section that's the bit I will need - the garage wanted me to replace the whole unit - although I can see where the parts all join - looks like a job I could repair as well! thanks for the diagram - now all I need do is find one cheap-ish


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I found the part number and searched on eBay. I managed to get a front end, rear part, liner from a German company for about £35 inc. P&P. It was about 25% of the price of the genuine Renault part.
Sorry just saw you said the rear section - if you can remember the company that would be really helpful if not no worries, I am sure that I will find something out there - good to know the rough price now though thanks