Clio 200 cup spoiler fitment


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Looking at getting a cup rear spoiler, currently have the GT spoiler. My question is when I remove the GT spoiler to fit the RS spoiler is it a straight swap once I drill the holes etc. The brake light is on the Gt spoiler is this going to cause issues.

Thanks in advance.
If the brake light is the standard clio one then it shouldn't be a problem, just fit it in the tailgate standard position.
It looks the same.
If you have the GT spoiler you will need a new tailgate.

You can go from Cup spoiler to GT spoiler without a new tailgate but not the other way around.
When you take your GT spoiler off it will look like this.


You can find cheap tailgates on eBay for about £50 but they tend to be from breakers who will charge you another £50, if not more, to have it delivered.

I have a GT spoiler and would like a Cup spoiler. Maybe, just maybe, I will do it one day.
you can fit a gt spoiler but there is a bit of drilling etc you grind off the tags to get a flat face then put a few nut-serts in the tailgate to fit the mounting bracket there was a german clio site that someone did fit one.

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