Chassis strength and rear coilovers

Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes & Steering' started by _Ben_, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. _Ben_


    Probably a silly question, but I've seen a few rear coilover kits for the Clio 200 and have been wondering about the chassis strength in this configuration?

    Has anyone had any trouble mounting rear shocks like this on a car without a welded in cage?


  2. tombate911

    tombate911 Paid Member

    2010 Clio RS200
    No issues. Many people running coilover rears without any issues. They've got strong strut tops as standard. Just about to start welding plates and a strut brace into my BMW e46 for this reason.
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  3. _Ben_


    Cheers Tom, interesting info. I'm planning ahead for a bit of a suspension refresh over winter and seriously considering my options.

    I'll have a closer look at what the cup cars had vs the r3 rally kit.

    Obviously complete over kill for my needs :smile:

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