capacity and data thread


"the new red baron"
doing a post about all the capacities etc of the 197/200

so i just need info that we can collate in to 1 thread for reference for all to see - so supply what you know or want but please no guess work - need it from a proper source ie renault manual/pdf etc etc

thinking of the following -

oil capacity (incl filter) = 5.2ltr 5w40

coolant = 5ltr

fuel = 55ltr (12.1gallon)

air con gas - 510g +/- 35g air con oil - 150ml +/- 10ml (delphy) (sanden = 135ml +/- 10ml)

gearbox = 2.1ltr elf nfp oil

brake fluid - 2ltr is ample

spark plug = PFR7Z-TG (pre-gapped) 0.9mm +/- 0.1mm

tyre pressures -

197 non cup F = 33psi (2.3bar) R = 30psi (2.1bar) high speed = 35psi (2.4bar) all round

200 FF with Cup chassis tyre pressures: Non - motorway Front 2.3bar 34 psi, Rear 2.1bar 31 psi Motorway - Front & Rear 2.4bar 35 psi.

dimensions & weights (non cup)

Wheelbase: 2585mm - 101.8*in
Front track: 1520mm - 59.8*in
Rear track: 1520mm - 59.8*in
Length: 3991mm - 157.1*in
Width: 1768mm - 69.6*in
Height: 1484mm - 58.4*in
Ground clearance: 120mm 4.7*in
Kerb weight: 1240kg - 2734*lb (cup = 1204kg)
Weight distribution: 64.50 %


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