Can anyone identify these wheels?


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They came with the car, I didn't buy them and I'd like to list them for sale, but I don't know what to advertise them as.
Here are the pictures and clues so far:
  • 18 x 8J
  • Offset ET?? - looks like 30 or 50? Can't really tell as they have been refurbed at some point and the paint obscures the number
  • Other stamps say MIM 10, or MIM 108 (can't quite tell), 144 and E3
  • Manufactured in Italy, date stamp 08 09 (August 2009?)
  • They are similar in style to a Compomotive MO5
  • Other markings include MA or WA 895
  • I know they are 5 x 108 as they fit a Clio 200
  • Here's how they sat with some H&R spacers front and rear (25mm I think?)
Thanks in advance!


Lay one on the floor. If you can do it face down without damaging the face. Hopefully the tyre is proud of the wheel. You can compensate for that if not. Then put a straight edge over the top of the now uppermost (inside face of the tyre) Measure down to the floor. It will be around 230. Half this, so 165.
Now measure down to the hub face. Say that measurement is 200. Take the half width 165 from 200 = 35 which is the offset.
If the spokes stick out further than the tyre like the standard Renault 68 offset wheel, you have to compensate by deducing the gap to the underside of the tyre off the top to bottom measurement before halving it. The easiest thing to do however is put the edge of the tyre on two pieces of the same thickness wood or tiles etc and then measure down from the top onto them.
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K-Tec have replied confirming they are the wheels they used to sell, just awaiting some more information.
Thansk all!

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