Boot lid rust

Hi, just wondering if I would be better off getting this repaired or trying to source a new bootlid? Going to get a quote this week on a repair, does anyone know roughly how much it will be?
Theres 2 patches below the window

I've got the same issue. It appears that either the glass drops slightly over time, or was originally fitted marginally too low in some cars (you can visually see a difference in the glass alignment between cars), this alignment then traps water.

The bodyshops I've contacted (so far) don't seem interested in anything other than insurance work. I bought a replacement from a breaker, it's slightly better but not perfect.

Depending on the age of your car, it may be worth checking if Renault will cover the repair/replacement under the 12 year anti-corrosion warrantee.

Best of luck.
I had a similar issue with my Pug 306 years ago and got it fixed for 150,- € IIRC. Was a window out and no botch job. So, quite a good price.

In general this position seems to be quite known to start bubbling first with the Clios as that's where dust (thanks to the diffusor) and moisture gets settle. You should try to keep the whole "ledge" as clean as you can to avoid this even starting next time.
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