Bonnet won't open

Hi all

I've inherited my sons 56 plate Clio 197 which has sat on my drive for nearly 3 years as it needs a helicoil and various other things doing
that he couldn't afford to do - typical !
Like a fool I've offered him a stupidly low amount of money for it so I can fix it up and maybe even use it.
He only agreed yesterday but being the petrol head I am I've already started poking around it to try and estimate what's needed.

I'm also a keen MX5 mk2 owner and if you know anything about them or you've had one you'll know how easy they are is to work on and how cheap !!
So this new Renault project is already scaring me as I can't even get the bonnet to pop from the lever inside - what a mare this is already becoming.
I've already ordered a new key fob enclosure because the one he had was about starting form scratch !! ? OMG

All I wanted to do was get the damn battery out to charge it - check and top up the fluids and see if it'll turn - can't even do that.

So has anyone worked out the quick way to do the bonnet yet ?
I've seen one thread so far which didn't help so I have had a bit of a search ?
I didn't understand the starter motor / jumper lead thing either.
I guess I can trolley jack the front and crawl under as the brake discs are rusted and seized anyway - least that'll be safe :smile:
We'll see....

The car is worth having a go at - I always looked enviously at it when he used it and it's been slightly lowered and has the 18 inch
Megane spoked wheels - it looks really racy.

Any tips most welcome - I think I'll be lurking around here a lot

Thanks very much - I can pull the cable under the glove compartment / dash but nothing happens.
The cable is pulling when I pull the lever so that's intact but I suspect it needs a good clean and grease.
I'll jack the car up and see if I can reach in / up to it.
I'll read the link too - thanks very much for trying to help

Much appreciated