Big Bens non Clio

You know it makes sense.
They look fantastic on them too.
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You know it makes sense.
They look fantastic on them too.
I’ll not deny this pic is on my phone lol
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Donington Park 5/11/23
Time had came to test the Clio replacement on track. Have gotten a feel for the car over the last six months and was quietly confident it would be fine.

Weather was decent and dry. Had rained overnight so conditions were damp to start but a drying line soon started to appear in places although for some reason the chicane seemed to stay wetter than other areas.

Early laps were supposed to be cautious and exploratory but that was abandoned after about a lap and half as like a dog chasing a scent I got after it! Confidence was high as the car was very well behaved. Neutral feel with a slight tendency for the back to come round was a nice surprise. Thought it’d be understeer central. Traction was great and can’t speak higher of PS4S tyres. Brilliant.

Next sessions as the track was drying and speed was building I decided to ditch the auto mode and go full paddle. The box was tending to stay in a higher gear on two of the corners than I’d of preferred so knocked the lever into manual and rectified that. Then came the first and almost inevitable issue as brake fade reared its head. Pedal was getting long and juddering as deposits were being left on the discs. I don’t know what pads are in the car but guessing they’re stock and not quite up to a beating in circuit!

With the adjustable maps on the car I chose to run stock power for most of the day as I didn’t want to add stress to the car more than necessary. 300 is ample and was passing 90% of cars. Did do one session on “stage 1” and all it really did was sling me down the straights a bit quicker and accelerate brake fade! Had a nice tussle with a track spec meg250 who was pissed that I pushed him out the way:grinning:

Overall a very good day. Glad I tested the car to its limits. Doesn’t leave me missing the Clio or particularly in a rush to book more days. Just a representation of where I am in my life at the minute doesn’t mean it won’t change in future but it’s always nice to have something in the garage tucked away should the need arise.

Couple of obligatory pics. Hope you don’t mind the Foreign car!


You sound very reserved not giving it full power. The first time I took the Yaris out to Snetterton on a cold January day I turned off all of the safety features and “gave it some” only to nearly spin it on the second corner!
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Are you happier with the cupra then with the Meglio?
When yes, why?
Yes in the fact I don’t want a track car anymore I want something that I can drive on the road at weekends. Something that the wife will get in with me. It’s more comfortable and quiet.

No if I was doing multiple track days a year. The Clio was epic and will never own another like it!