Big Bens non Clio

Soooo….. not one to let the grass grow under my feet I’ve booked a track day! Donington for June the 1st with @Beany and @R27WTF
Car didn’t/doesn’t fetch much interest at the advertised price and I won’t rip the arse out of it and sell it cheap, so off we go again.
Not disappointed that she’s still here. Hurts the ego a bit that only people interested are those that want to swap their corsa and other assorted shitboxes for my “sick” motor:tearsofjoy:

Onwards and upwards
That's so annoying. But on another note , would you swap it for my 125 ped and a ps3 ?

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Cadwell Park 4/08/22
Cracking day at Cadwell. Loads of mk3 Clios all looking rather splendid in the sunshine.
I’m not good with the long posts and plenty of others on here are likely to chip in with some decent content so I’ll keep it short.

Car shat it’s gearbox late in the afternoon sadly. Has been making a few noises tbf but it’s buggered now lol. 4th went missing on circuit and couldn’t engage first when back in pits. Was a diabolical 3hr journey home not aided by second becoming a pig to get in as well. Bit of saving up to do before I get her fixed. I’ll update when I have a plan of attack
Bit of news.

I’ve managed to find a gearbox that’s been freshly refurbed with a newish gripper attached. Decided to jump on it as it’ll save me a bit of money if it’s decent and I’ll enjoy the performance benefits of the track biased diff. Few more unwanted noises to add to the cacophony that already exists but hey, racecar innit!
Currently sitting at my boy @Beany house. Good lad swung by and snaffled it for me.
Fitting booked in for mid September. Hopefully be on a couple of track days October to kick its head in again


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Car is fixed update:
Finally she’s back home and in rude health. Refurbed box with race spec gripper installed. Took a punt on the box and early signs is it’s sweet. Limited to about an hours driving so far but the gripper diff feels great. Exactly what’s needed as the boost comes in.
Few issues rectified. Sump gasket, rear main crank seal and main end cap were leaking. No brainer to fix them. All tidied up. New R26 R clutch and slave. New flywheel bolts. Engine oil change. Geo checked and tweaked All ready to race again 46239CE2-2533-4102-BDCA-CE3D8F4937AF.jpeg
Exhaust clamps were fubarred so swapped them for some stainless jobbies. 021FE6B5-D44C-4AAA-9FB3-8DEC30A50289.jpeg
Alex at AWMotorworks goes above and beyond looking after my car. If you haven’t used him then why not?!

Croft 23/09 Update

Arrived to a cold and damp track. Weather was clear blue skies though so only had to wait until around 10ish for dry track to start forming.
First stint took a bit of getting used to the car with the new gripper diff. Before I’d probably leave car in a higher gear on corners so that I didn’t have full power on exit and could control the car on torque lower down the Rev range. Now I could be in one lower gear with revs right up and get on power earlier and hard! Impressive bit of kit and something my car has definitely been missing.
Couple more stints left me feeling more and more comfortable then carnage, out of nowhere a driveshaft failure! Thought originally it was clutch as I hardly had any drive which I thought you’d get with a gripper on one shaft?
Anyway up stepped @R20BTG & @Helpimonfire to wipe away my tears and form a salvage plan and save me reaching for the fuel and matches.
Iain loaded my car on to his trailer and very kindly towed my car home to his place and dropped me at the train station for me to get home. Martin then collected my car the next day from Iain’s and dropped it to AWMotorworks where it’s since been repaired. Amazing effort by those 2 guys in particular.
Also would like to mention @EthanMenace & @burrellbloke for some pushing efforts. Nathe and his gang for their input and [USER=60559]@jimmybell for setting fire to his car in an attempt to make me feel better:grinning:
Brilliant Clio turn out, thank you all.
Glad you didn't set fire to it, had the potential to be a proper big bonfire! :grinning:. Things could always be a lot worse as well, you could own a Lotus!
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