Anyone know where to get these clips?

Hello, does anyone know where to get the clips that hold the door pull together, or even the party number?




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From another Clio check its not still on, or inside the door card they come with the handle cover and not listed separately so a used handle will be cheaper than ordering the clips if you were able to get a part number as the clips look different sizes and types.
Thanks for your replies - seems a shame to have to pay £15-£25 for a handle just for the clips, which must cost pennies. I'll keep an eye out on eBay


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Well you asked where to get them if you went to a breaking yard I cant see anyone asking more than £10 Renault normally ask £4-5 for a bolt so that's life any Mk3 Clio have them why not become a member it's £5 a year with other options more likely you will get more help if you belong.




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I've got a passenger side handle with 3 clips on it if you're interested?