Any Raider owners have any paintwork done?

Got my Raider back, done a cracking job!

they had some bloke from Renault attend apparently to make sure the matting agents where correct (????).

Ill get a picture in the daylight, as the RS badge is off too so looks a bit cleaner?
I knew matt paint was a pain on the backside but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad! Glad it's been sorted mate.
Hope they get mine right on Wednesday. Glad they sorted yours, nothing annoys me more than a poor paint match. I've booked mine in for a full detail with Swissvax later in the month.
i was wondering how easy they are to match, thats why im so careful parking mine etc..
where you based? [MENTION=51964]Ed_[/MENTION] [MENTION=3604]simon7929[/MENTION]
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Just a quick update. The car has been back to Evans Halshaw, Vauxhall in Middlesbrough for paint rectification and has come back worse. I wasn't happy that I had to take it here in the first place despite it being a Renault approved body shop. However as the garage were paying half they insisted. After complaining on every occasion I have been back, I have given up with them as I have lost patience. As it stands at the moment I am waiting for a call back from EH complaints dept after two phone calls. They told me they would ring back within 3 days. That was last Monday. I rang again on Wednesday, again they said I would get a call back but as expected no further forward. The guy at the body shop just gets aggressive when I take the car back and then disappears round the back for a fag so I will not be wasting my time going back down to the garage. So the top and bottom is if you ever have the misfortune to have to deal with this lot, be prepared for a rough ride. My next move is to arrange an independent assessor out to inspect the work done and give a full report. I've took the car round to a couple of garages who agree the finish is dreadful. I'll keep you updated folks.
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I can't fault Troops who did mine. They even got a technician from Renault to come check the matting agents where applied correctly....might be worth getting in touch with them?
Seeing this concerns me loads as unfortunateley my raider was involved in a car accident and the insurance were useless and unable to get the car to a renault approved body shop so it's just gone to a local body shop where I live. Praying they will pull it off and it'll look the part they have assured me it will but I guess time will tell
That's one less thing to worry about.

only that it matches with the original panels I'd say
Funnily enough got a call today to say the cars completed and ready to pick up only to find it had two scratches on the bonnet and when I ran my hand over the back panels it felt quite rough they are saying its tree sap anyway they said they will sort the scratches but cannot get the tree sap off so I left it with them
Haha tree sap.

Pretty sure ire I read on someone getting raider bodywork done they couldn't get the finish smooth and it felt rough ..
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