Anti Rotation Bar Drop Link Length

As my Clio 200 is a ‘cross over’ model, I am having trouble with finding the correct length of the drop link connected to the anti rotation bar. My Clio was delivered with the blue/green springs from the 197 standard suspension and the pink shocks from the 200 standard suspension.

Can somebody help me with choosing the correct drop link length?


Thanks in advance!

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There is a bit of a mix-up here the title says anti rotation link but the subject seems to be the anti roll bar drop link. The red arrow is pointing at the drop link which is about 280mm or so (8200661217) length and does not matter as long as they are changed in pairs (equal lengths). The anti rotation links can be slightly different lengths depending on brand (8200686016) and as said 153-154mm and should be changed in pairs and can affect alignment but most likely not by much.
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It was indeed the link to the roll bar, sorry for that.

Thanks very much for the info!!

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