AJ's Black 200

Hi Guys,

After some absence from the Renaultsport party (owned 172 and a 197 previously) I rejoined the club this year with this black (my last choice of colour) 200 with cup chassis, speedlines and recaros.

I checked with Renault and originally it was spec'd with the anthracite pack, no recaros and carbon interior pack. As you can see it now has a silver face? And all the anthracite is gone bar the wheels, the carbon interior trim has vanished also.

This was the best example I had come across mechanically so I went for it anyway and it has since proceeded to empty my wallet regardless.

The paperwork for the last belt change was dubious so I opted to have it done for peace of mind. Manifold ripped it's self in two so I have fitted the latest Toyo version.

Took it to Blyton a week before a planned trip to the Nurburgring and fried the brakes all replaced with genuine discs, Ferodo pads and race fluid!

Performed flawlessly at the Ring did 7 laps over 3 nights although the gearbox has taken a beating and I will be having the box rebuilt and a new genuine clutch kit fitted early next year.

Ready for more track action and goodies next year!





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Looks good mate!

The cambelt is indeed a hefty hole in the wallet!

shame they took the carbon interior out but I know a few lads who can’t stand the look of it.
What you got planned for her?

Also how you finding the toyo manifold?
Love the OAP plate btw!