5th and 6th gear where are they ?

hi on a track day today everything fine but now lost 5th and 6th gear 1-4 ok and gate for 5-6 seems ok anybody had similar is it the selector box itself or cables ? What’s my quickest check to see what the fault is clio 200 cheers


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If there has not been a crunch the best guess would be cable or engine mounts cable adjustment would mean battery the surround out to get at the cable ends for adjustment. Other than that the gearbox mount or one of the others have gone allowing the gearbox to move making the gear selection harder if the synco has gone it's not worth continuing and cost you a gearbox or crash.
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Cheers for your post and the info I don’t think it’s the syncro the box has been out recently somethings come adrift it’s ran fine all afternoon will take a look and report back in the week just on a note when I shift into 5th 3rd is selected and into 6th 4th is selected I think it’s cable based .
I literally had the exact same thing happen to me on Friday on a track day at castle Combe. I lost 5th and 6th gear at high speed /revs ! It just seem to lose drive but hadn’t poped out . So confused .