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Discussion in 'R27 Register' started by Deer_Dodger, May 27, 2017.

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    I owned the above RB 182 Cup 4 years ago and recently decided to return to the marque with a 197. My 182 had the below spec;

    Recaro Trendlines
    15" Speedlines
    Scorpion RS192 system
    RSTuner mapped
    V6 airbox
    Powerflex bushes
    New Cup shocks
    Cooksport springs
    New bushes and linkages

    It was very quick and had the most amazing throttle response. However, the springs were too firm for me and I always wished I'd stuck with standard Cup springs when I refreshed the suspension.

    A few weeks ago I bought the below UR R27 with 54,000 miles on the clock.





    Only modifications were;

    Milltek decat and resonated cat back system.

    So far, I've replaced standard alloys with a set of Speedlines wrapped in Yokohama AD08R tyres and added roof bars and cycle racks. Cycle racks necessary for everyday practicality.

    My plans so far include;

    Reintroduce cat (currently too loud for my mature years).
    Reupholster steering wheel and interior (Recaro seats starting to wear thin).
    Refresh suspension with standard Cup shocks and Springs (It is a road car and I don't want an overly harsh car that bumps / jumps all over the road).
    Possibly remap (not for any power increase, but just to try and give it more go lower down)

    Faults and issues I need to rectify:

    1) Horn does not work (I think I've traced issue to the rotational connector, so will replace this soon).
    2) Air con doesn't work (really not bothered about this, but may fix eventually)
    3) Car pulls to the left slightly (thought it may have been a snapped spring, but all okay, so will get proper laser alignment in next couple of weeks, everything looks straight underneath)
    4) Really quite disappointed with the performance, I appreciate the 197 will never feel like the 182 due to their extra weight they carry, but I'm sure it could do better. Performance seems to differ from day to day, poor bottom end (I know they're like this and reintroducing the cat may help), sometimes top end also feels a bit flat too.
    5) Rear brake discs need replacing soon.
    6) Driver's door dropped by about 1mm, but just catches on latch when closing.

    Even after listing all the above, I love the car and it will be here to stay for a few years.
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  2. Jimmy

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    Leeds, W Yorks
    Welcome to the forum! Great looking R27 you've got there.

    Shame you're a bit disappointed with the performance, I suppose coming from the 182, it's definitely going to be noticeable. The remap should make a difference - improvement in driveability seems to be the big gain that people notice when they have it done.

    Some good inspiration re steering wheel retrims in the Project Threads - a few people had this done recently, with some great results!
  3. Deer_Dodger



    I had my R53 wheel retrimmed by Royal Steering Wheeks, and will probably just return to Jack as his work was first class
  4. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Looking good mate. Royal Steering Wheels gets excellent reviews.

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