220/RS performance Trophy Project


Clumsy McButterfingers
That looks absolutely fantastic!
Just so you know, a lot of parts Renault have put into their RS Performance shop can be found cheaper by the original manufacturer. If you want the RS logo that's fine and entirely your choice :smile:
Hi bud,

Yeah I got most of the parts from either RS performance or Like you said straight from Oreca who do a good discount.

I'm not totally done, with it yet bud, given the situation of the country or should I say world right now any other work is on hold but thanks for the comment makes, it worth it when people appreciate the work and money you put into something like that....
No I didn't need to cut the arch out... Its the official kit off Renault so it all fit perfectly with zero fab work hope this helps
Hi Daniel,
I've also seen the mounting kit here, it's a shame that you can't lower the car then.
Unfortunately there is no one who has "cut out".
Greetings from Cologne Uli
It doesn't need lowering in my opinion. The ride it firm enough and with the rs performance wheel stud kit it widens the track anyway so you get extra handling.

It's down to taste regardless anyway
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