197 from QLD - Australia

Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd say a quick g'day. I've been a member for a little while since I bought my 197 late last year and have found loads of great info on this forum so thanks heaps.
Absolutely love the car to bits, so much fun to drive and I'm looking forward to my first track time hopefully very soon. Just for fun as I've never driven around a race track before and I'm sure the 197 is a fantastic car to do it!

Plan for now is to keep it stock and just restore a few little details here and there, although I am very keen to fit a pair of projector headlights to give a bit of a face lift and I might consider a remap to deal with the low rpm lag but for now I'm happy to accept it as part of her character.

Here is a pic from the day I picked her up and I took the very long way home over a mountain or two which was loads of fun!