timing belt

  1. J

    Belts kit

    Hey all, new owner here. Unsure as to whether the belts have been done on my 64,000 mile 197. How much would it cost to have the belts, water pump, dephaser etc done including labour. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. R

    High average knock signal / engine not running smoothly

    Hello! I have a problem with my Clio 197, year 2006: when on idle, the RPM are moving up and down slightly (not much; something about 50 RPM max, averaging about 830 RPM total). The engine is not running smoothly on idle, when I put my hand near the exhaust I can feel some random bursts (it is...
  3. Jamie Riley

    Renault specialist in the true north?

    I live near Carlisle (9 miles east of) & need to get my timing belt done at some point (Clio mk3 200). But I’m also wondering about tuning specialists etc. Anyone know of reliable specialist mechanics/garages that can help me out? Dealer prices are a bit much lol
  4. FishFart

    Clio 3 (2011) 1.2 16v engine fail

    Hello everyone! The other day my mother's Clio 3 (Night & Day Edition from 2011), 1.2 16v (75hp) had engine fail and nobody seem to know what the cause was. The diagnostic was that the timing belt got "3 teeth" offset by itself and it just made pistons hit valves and messed them up etc. How...
  5. M

    new Clio 197 owner from Australia!

    Hey guys, Just picked up a 2009 Clio 197 in red today. Absolutely loving it. Just after some advice regarding servicing. Its currently just ticked over 102,000kms (63,000miles) and its last service was done at 90,000kms. As I bought from a dealer I have no way of knowing if the previous owner...
  6. T

    Timing belt/tyre/brakes.

    Morning, Joined the forum yesterday as I want to get my 197 back to looking and running its best. Unfortunately I have limited knowledge which is why I require some help! The timing belt and water pump are due for a change, so I need to ideally find a Renault specialist in Nottingham that'll...