1. O


    I would like to put 20mm spacers on my 197 whilst keeping the ride height the same. I can’t find any examples of a 197 with spacers on stock ride height. I would be happy to see all spacer sizes on stock height just to get an idea. Want to avoid it looking like a beach buggy. Thanks.
  2. alliemam197

    Axle spacers good idea?

    Been thinking of getting spacers for my 197 and I've heard axle spacers are better because they have a lower load bearing on the wheel compared to normal eibach or h&r 10mm spacers. There's a bit more effort in fitting but these are HALF THE PRICE of spacers and yet supposedly are better? Surely...
  3. I

    My first upgrades 2012 RS200 LY. Need your inputs.

    Hi Guys, Still waiting for my Clio to arrive, but since I will be travelling to Germany next week I thought it would be a good idea to order some parts online and save the shipping fees. BTW I am from Bahrain, Persian Gulf and I need to be careful with purchasing the correct items. Here is my...
  4. Robo_#1

    Cleaning and Graffiti Wall - *lots of pics*

    Like everyone else this weekend I decided to give the car a bath. Now maybe not like everyone else, my car hadn't been cleaned since November! It was rotten, inside and out and TBH it had been pissing me off since Xmas, but I've just had no spare time on the weekends! I'll not bore all the...