1. Jamie Riley

    Renault specialist in the true north?

    I live near Carlisle (9 miles east of) & need to get my timing belt done at some point (Clio mk3 200). But I’m also wondering about tuning specialists etc. Anyone know of reliable specialist mechanics/garages that can help me out? Dealer prices are a bit much lol
  2. Paulm3

    Renault Specialist in Gloucestershire?

    Hi, Anyone recommend a good Renault specialist or garage in Gloucestershirem, to take the clio to be serviced? Or shall I just do it myself? (but no stamp in the book then, will that affect re-sale, I'll have the receipt for all the service items etc,) Thanks Paul
  3. 197RS

    Clio 197...what is this exhaust?! Help needed!

    Has anyone got any idea what exhaust this could be? Bought car from Evans Halshaw (that is a story in itself!!) Need some advice regarding lack of power after full service and cam belt/waterpump service. Thanks in advance!
  4. P

    Top gear Stockport

    Hi everyone. Has anyone has any experience with top gear Stockport? I'm looking to possibly buy an exhaust from them and wondered what they're like on customer service. hope I've posted this in the right section Pepper
  5. P

    How to change the engine oil and filter on a 197 or 200

    I've written up another set of instructions for changing the engine oil and filter hope this is useful. Feel free to feedback any improvements, preferred oil brands etc.
  6. F

    Replacement gearbox

    Hey guys just put a depost down on a lovely 197 that I will be collecting Friday next week, 2008 32k miles on the clock! Only worry is the dealer said that the gearbox has been replaced around a year ago under warranty. The new one feels very precise so assuming nothing is wrong now but am I...
  7. Townler

    197 Haynes Manual

    Hi all, I see there is no Haynes Manual for the 197 of any flavour. Does anyone know of a services manual or at least a wiring diagram for the R27 in particular? Rich