1. SimiRockStar

    197 Remap

    Hey guys! I am going to buy this Rstuner from fastchip, or from somewhere else... ( still need to check about import charges to my country) , so i have maybe a silly, stupid question... I know that you have to buy ecu map, but i need to ask you guys, do you all buy a map, or are you friendly...
  2. O

    RSTuning Group Buy

    Hi, there is currently a group buy in the RS197/200® Facebook group for RSTuning remaps. We already have 6 deposits down meaning we get £50 off, however, if we get 4 more by the end of October we get £100 off the before VAT price. The remap will take place anytime you like in November and is...
  3. OLT

    The Driving Motive Clio 200

    Hi all, I have some extra time given the lockdown so thought it was about time to post a progress thread on my Albi Blue Clio 200 with cup pack. "The Driving Motive", which is in the name of the thread, is my YouTube channel where I occasionally post some car content. Anyway, onto the car. I...
  4. FishFart

    Tuning problem or?

    Hey everyone! I recently had cams 402 installed, ported/polished inlets and RST remote remap, and some strange things happened since then. I was at dyno test today and will share some before/after results, but please before continuing with reading, check out my other thread/problem since few...
  5. L

    KTR cat back and maybe sports cat ???

    Hi, I've been looking at getting a cat back for the clio and am really debating wether to get the sports cat as well but unsure whether id have to remap as well if i get the sports cat because of a flat spot... would prefer not to map is due to limited funds and sports cat is only going on if i...
  6. M88KE C

    Performance Upgrade for R27

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed previously but would appreciate some help..... I live in West Sussex and am looking for a reputable company to perform a Remap on my R27... Any ideas? I'd prefer to stay relatively local where possible. I am also looking at the obvious filter...
  7. J

    Remapping Scotland/North of England

    Considering a remap for my clio 200, wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere in Scotland/North of England for a reliable Remap with RR, and what prices I may be looking at ? Ktec catback to be fitted this week and ITG panel filter already present Any help is appreciated! :liambo: