1. JCarthy

    Recaro side bolsters

    Hi all, Looking to fix up the side bolsters of my blue dot Recaros but having trouble finding material to match the original. Is the material from the standard clio or any other renault seats the same? I'm living in Ireland so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. EastSaintJesus

    Recaro seat repairs north east

    Hi Guys looking for someone who repairs recaro seats in the north east of England if you have any recommendations Thanks
  3. Frank Perry

    Extended/long boot mat options

    Hi Chaps, Just removed rear seats & fitted some Corsa VXR Recaro front seats... Looking for an extended rear boot mat to make it look a little tidier and can only see to 'off-the-shelf' options... THIS ebay option at £74.95 (free shipping)- does anybody have any experience with these? Are they...
  4. manmr94

    How take apart Recaro CS ?

    Hi guys I have a problem with a screw that turn but not unscrew and i need to take off the lower part upholstery, someone has do it? Is easy to remove the upholstery without damage it? Thanks.
  5. LukeBridge

    197: Recaro seats advice :)

    Hi there, I'm looking to purchase a 197 with Recaro buckets seats. A few people have said it will be a lot cheaper to buy a car with the Recaro seats already fitted. I'm just wondering which spec Clio comes with the Recaro bucket seats. Many thanks Luke
  6. k2100

    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    Anyone else had this? Since I've had my Recaros put in I've had a squeak whenever the back moves, tightened up the bolts shown in the picture and it has significantly bettered it as these were very loose. Problem is its still speaking occasionally, are there symmetrical bolts on the other side...
  7. welshname

    Welshname's Deep Black 197

    Thought I may aswell copy my project thread from over to here. Apologies if some of it makes no sense as it's purely a copy and paste from there. Cheers:
  8. J

    recaro seat base replacement above is the link to renault parts website and they offer the seat base replacement, has anyone else used or know anything about them and if there a stright fit? thanks in advance
  9. A

    431/500 Albi Blue

    Here is mine. No. 431. Albi Blue.
  10. SarGara

    Recaro seatbelt rubbing

    Morning all. Well it seems that no matter how careful i get in/out of the Recaro it turns out its not my arse catching the bolster, but the seatbelt! Obviously i plan to minimise as much wear as possible so my first task is to work out if this is normal or a side effect of me fitting Clio...
  11. Jonny_197

    Passenger Recaro Seat 197 cup

    Hi guys and gals, just picked up my 197 cup yesterday and the old man came with me to collect. the drivers side seat is lowerable (if thats even a word) but the passenger side cannot be lowered. Is this standard with all recaro's or can the frame be modified to lower the seat? Thanks