1. A

    Black specs on dipstick after oil change

    Hello guys, As title says I dipped my oil after an oil change and there is black specs on the dipstick I have dipped it a few times and there is always a few of these specs. They crush up in to like a powder. Any ideas what it is and should I be concerned?
  2. S

    Clio 200 Engine Oil Capacity

    The exact engine oil capacity for a 200 2.0 16v engine seems to throw up lots of different answers. Does anyone know the definitive number? I'm talking for changing both oil and filter. So far I've come across: 4.75 litres (not inc. changing filter) 5.0 litres (inc. new filter. A certain amount...
  3. I


    Hi, My car is due for oil change, just hit 40,000 KM. I called the local Renault dealer but they don't have elf oil. Since many Clio owners use elf oil but if I don't get it, can I safely use BAPCO CHARGER XTREEM 5W-40? This BAPCO oil is produced by the company I work for. Your feedback will...
  4. 197blue

    "Top up oil"

    Hi folks, Started the 197 up this morning and got that message. Iv checked the stick and the oil level is on the minimum marker. how much oil will I need to top her up? Am I right in thinking 5w40 is the right grade? Thanks
  5. P

    How to change the engine oil and filter on a 197 or 200

    I've written up another set of instructions for changing the engine oil and filter hope this is useful. Feel free to feedback any improvements, preferred oil brands etc. https://fixitfriends.com/fixits/renault-clio-197-200-changing-the-oil-and-the-oil-filter
  6. tchalikias

    Slight oil overfill

    Took the 200 in for an oil and filter change. I checked the last oil bottle (elf oil in dealerships here comes in 1 litre bottles, so they used 6 bottles) and there was half a litre left. That means they used 5,5 litres where Renault state that on average the engine takes 5,35-5,4 litres...