1. W


    Hi ladies and gentlemen. Right i have a problem with my manifold looking to upgrade to a sports manifold and most place do is only fits upto 2011 and my rs200 is a 2012 so just wondering if that would fit mine
  2. Alex197UK

    Blown exhaust manifold

    So my exhaust manifold has completely blown now, sounds like a tractor with no exhaust :oops: I’ve decided after looking through a few threads to buy the toyo sport pre cat delete manifold. now I’ve seen people mention about having to upgrade the engine mounts to stop the knocking on the...
  3. MaxB

    Another flexi thread

    Hi guys. Over the last few days my car has been making an awful noise, especially when it’s cold and I first start it. Sounds a bit like a lawnmower lol. I’m guessing it’s the manifold flexis but just want to get a second opinion from you guys. Cheers
  4. Frank Perry

    Another exhaust manifold thread....

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a new manifold, mine isn't in terrible shape but it's gonna need doing soon so I was shopping about. I know my choices but i stumbled across this...
  5. av4625

    Exhaust Manifold Studs and Nuts

    Anyone know the part numbers for the above? Or the best place to get some?
  6. Paul Chesterfield

    manifold flexi broke - advice please

    i have just bought my first Renault Clio R27 F1 It has 75k on the clock and i paid 3.5k for it, which I thought was quite a good deal. However, on day one I encountered a serious problem, where after probably giving it too much beans the car exhaust at high revs sounded all metallic like there...
  7. HyperSquiZ

    Seeking Exhaust and Manifold advice

    Hey all, Right now, on my 197, I have a rattling pre-cat and possibly blowing flexis. As I see it I have a few possible solutions, but being a bit of a scrub when it comes to the technicals on cars, I need advice. The options as I see them are: 1. get the manifold swapped by Engine Dynamics...
  8. Branx

    Catback and manifold (probably Chinese)

    This shop was recommended by some Subaru guys in Croatia who have purchased catback systems from the seller, so as a UK based company - I'm wondering if you guys have any experience with them, or the products? Manifold...
  9. M

    Replacing exhaust manifold

    Hi guys Long story short, I have to replace the exhaust manifold on my Clio 197. Been quoted around £600 from Renault or £300 for a reconditioned manifold with 12 months warranty. Is it worth going for a reconditioned manifold or should I just buy new? Any help would be appreciated Note: I am...
  10. D

    Manifold Welding in Ayrshire

    Had my cracked exhaust manifold welded today by RMS Engineering in prestwick. They welded up all 4 branches solid (2 & 3 were cracked) and they welded a blow on the first box. Looks like a really nice weld job and they only charged me £48. I was well chuffed dropped it off this morning and had...
  11. D

    Renault Dealer Used Car Warranty What it covers??

    Does anyone have any experience of the Renault dealer used car warranty?? I have had my 08 197 about 5 months now and I believe the exhaust has gone at the manifold. It was supplied with what they called a comprehensive Renault used car warranty. I am just wondering if this will cover the...
  12. N

    Manifold Gasket

    Ok so I thought that finding the right Manifold gasket would be an easy task for my 197. But apparently there are about 4 different ones and they all look different!!! Can anyone help? Also if anyone knows a decent place to get them it owuld be much appreciated...