1. av4625

    Auto leveling lights

    Sometimes when I brake my lights shoot away up and point to the sky. Is this the sensor that does the auto leveling at fault? Can anyone point me to where the sensors are?
  2. ChrisR27

    Replacing Headlights & Sidelights Clio R27

    I am looking to replace my headlights and sidelights in my car i have a Clio F1 R27 and was wondering which headlights and sidelights will fit this model as i have been told the normal ones should be fine H7 and also been told these need to be the gas discharge ones any ideas? any links would be...
  3. Fletch_uk

    Interior Rear Light Problem

    Hi guys, Yesterday I noticed that my rear interior lights weren't working. Bad bulbs I assumed, so replaced them but they are still out. I assume it is not the fuse because all my other interior lights work and would have thought they would all run under one fuse? Done a search but...
  4. J

    Help! Problem with rear fog light

    Hello! I have just taken my car for an MOT and it failed on a rear fog light. Thought this was good news and asked the garage to chuck a new bulb in. I was wrong. When they took the rear cluster out and checked the bulb it was fine?? Does any1 have any ideas what the problem could be??? My...
  5. M

    newbie-help on identifing different bulb types

    Hi, been looking to upgrade the headlights and side lights to HID/LED on my 197 (07) but cannot find what bulb types these are and what volt i would need? any help would be great! thanks matt
  6. B

    left side light & left rear light not working!

    Okay so i bought these few days ago for my 197 and arrived today, Tried fitting them today, i got the first three...
  7. M

    New To This! Best Bulbs For My 200? Rear Lights?

    Hi boys and girls, I am new to the Renault sport scene, and on here, so hi :) Just picked up my white 200 the other day and I love everything about it, except the poor lights at night... I live out the way and it is a real pain trying to see things. I don't know if it is just me, but what would...
  8. porsche_gregory

    Whats the difference between ...

    Right im a total tard when it comes to most things, and so wondering if some1 could just make this a little clearer for me. Whats the difference between.... Halogen, Xenon & HID's Please advise and give the idiots guide explaination !!!!