1. manmr94

    Change headlights

    Hi, i have a Clio R27 and i want to change my basic headlights for projectors, I know that the cornering lights not work but the question is if it is plug and play, is only change the basics ones for the projectors? Are the bulbs the same?
  2. K

    Lefthanded 197 xenon headlights? What about cheaper alternatives?

    Hi guys, tired of searching xenon headlights for lefthanded 197. Maybe you know where to find such gem? (renbrakers, ebay etc - only right-handed) Or i'm doing smth wrong while searching? As alternative, some alkar headlight are aviable in russian stores but pre-pay only, and no one can tell...
  3. Hamad

    HID on 200

    Hello everybody since I'm confused with the H7 H1 light which one is which so i decided to do this and leave the rest for the experts i attached a pic of my headlight unit it comes standard in here but not xenon, I'm planing on buying some HID kit but i done know which on should i go for i...
  4. porsche_gregory

    Whats the difference between ...

    Right im a total tard when it comes to most things, and so wondering if some1 could just make this a little clearer for me. Whats the difference between.... Halogen, Xenon & HID's Please advise and give the idiots guide explaination !!!!