glacier white

  1. burrellbloke

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    I bought a glacier white Clio 200 cup in in April 2020 together with my son. COVID had struck and I was mainly working from home. My son, who is 19, was furloughed and he was bored. We decided to look out for a “cheap” 197 that was no more than £2,000 and buy it as a bit of an experiment to see...
  2. A

    197: FA08 Glacier White 197 R26R scheme, Land Rover Solihull

    See you in the work car park most days, you've let me out of one of the thousands of spaces a fair few times. Wouldn't know I'm off here as I am usually driving a black VW transporter but I have a BG 182 and a Flame Red 220 Trophy. Jake.
  3. cliokam

    GW 197 track build

    Current spec Brakes - Brembo/renaultsport HC discs - Feroddo ds2500 pads - Braided brake lines (jade developments) - Motul RBF 660 Suspension & chassis - Bilstein cup racer coilovers - Cup racer camber adjustable top mounts with plates welded into chassis (jade developments) - Rear camber and...