1. M

    ABS/ESP/SERV Light with Electronic fault warning

    After a short trip in my 197, completely out of nowhere i get ABS/ESP and SERV light come on and a electronic fault warning on the dash. Also my brake lights no longer work (bulbs are fine) but all other rear and also front lights are working still. For this reason im assuming the issue likely...
  2. B

    ESC,ABS, Cruise, brake light fault

    Hi, Currently have an electrical fault. Occasionally my cruise control goes and the spanner comes on the screen with the check esc light? possibly related to that my third brake light is constantly on when my lights are on as well as when pressing the brake the front fog lights turn on?? Ive...
  3. av4625

    ESC Light

    Wasn't sure were to put this so here we are haha I replaced my drivers standard non recaro seat with a fixed back bucket as I'm going to do sprints and hillclimbs this year. I followed a guide on here that shows to put the 3 resistors in the plug. When I turn the ignition on all the lights...
  4. I

    ABS/ESP & Spanner Warning Lights On After Toyosport Manifold Change

    I had my manifold and upper engine mount bushing replaced yesterday as my old manifold had a crack in. The garage in question also advised me that I need Track Rod Ends and Tie Rod's replacing as they are worn on the front. They also didn't do an alignment as this will be done when the other...
  5. Craig Hadden

    Help! Esp and abs light on with spanner

    Hi all, thanks in advance for any help or info. I am a new 197 owner, I've been after one for years and recently had the chance to get one at a steal of a price off a family member - easily the most fun car Ive driven! - Completely love it to bits! Its 10yo and has 51k on thw clock - been...
  6. tomislavp4

    197: MAP sensor broken = ESP light and no brake servo?!?!

    So the plan for today was to put some sealant around the MAP sensor. There are threads all over with people doing this and noticing a difference so why not right? I'll tell you why. Because the damn sensor can break and part of it will end up in the manifold, that's why! So I spent an hour...
  7. Hamad

    Downshifted and got Check Engine light and ESP light On

    Hi there today i was racing with DODGE CHARGER R/T V8 5.2L i was on 4th gear with 7000RPM i wanted to shift to 5th i shifted to 3rd by accident :chair:, after that i got check engine light on and the ESP fault help please :jase: