1. T

    Clutch and ABS

    Hi, When I first get into my 197 the clutch pedal has no resistance, and I have to almost ‘pump’ the clutch pedal to get any resistance, which works for almost 5 minutes of driving before the pedal starts to get less resistance. I then have to pump the pedal once again to get any resistance...
  2. A

    2009 RS 197 Out of Storage Woes!

    Hey all Recently took my 2009 197 out of storage after 3 years and am doing a bit of a fix-up project (120,000km's)! I've noticed the following issues so far and haven't been able to confirm the causes yet (although I have yet to pull everything apart, which I'll do over the Xmas break). 1/...
  3. K

    Clutch line help

    So I've just changed the clutch on my girlfriends 1.2 petrol clio 2008 the only issue we are having is the clutch line that runs to the slave cylinder. we cant seem to get it to fully insert into the cylinder at the moment it's in the bleed position as fluid is coming out of the bleed...
  4. Frank Perry

    Cambelt change, where to go? (South West UK)

    Hey all, first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place! Looking to get the full works done with the cambelt replacement, including water pump, dephaser pulley, aux belt etc. I can buy the entire genuine renault kit for around 300, just need to know where's the best place to take it to get...
  5. JMR

    Midland Renault Specialists ? Opinions please :-)

    Talk to me guys. Midland Renault Specialists at Creswell near Worksop. Mark's not too far away from me. I've read a few people mention him. My LY200 has a full Renault Service history and had a major service with all the fluids, belts, water pump etc done last year. Only grumble I have with...
  6. Yeorge

    Problem with Clutch

    Hi guys So just now on my drive home from work, I noticed on the motorway my clutch felt a bit higher than usual, like there was more travel in pressing it to change gear. Can still get it in gear fine and works almost as normal when I am moving But when I come to stop, there is virtually no...
  7. S

    Four Year Service - To bleed the clutch or not?

    Would value your experienced opinions on this. My 2012 200 is going in for its four year service. As much as it pains me, I will use Renault as it's still covered by the 4+ service package it came with, therefore the service is free. I'm aware the schedule calls for the coolant and brake fluid...
  8. O

    New to Clio200 ownership

    Morning All, I bought a high mileage 2010 clio200 on a bit of a whim. oops. Gearbox and Cam plus waterpump were done as part of the purchase so hopefully these are OK. I had ABP Motorsport testdrive and look at the drivetrain etc. They think it is ok given mileage etc. I have a couple of...
  9. B

    Crankshaft Position System Variation not learned

    Well the problem is obvious but before you tell me to change my sensor it's a brand new one from renault sport is it possible the problem to be because I'm using lightweight flywheel and Helix 7.25 inch clutch kit ?
  10. H

    New gearbox time. Gripper diff to cheer me up

    Well the time has come for my 197 gearbox to be replaced at 80,000 miles. So new one is on the way with a nice gripper diff too. so I'm wandering, what's peoples experience with the gripper diff's?
  11. A

    Clio 197/200 clutch from clio cup

    Hello. Need help. Who knows whether the fit of the clutch from clio cup on the standard gearbox and flywheel? :innocent:
  12. B

    problem with the clutch clio 197

    Hello members I've got clio 3 RS 197 with really strange problem. After changing the clutch and clutch slave cylinder went on a drive and after about 40 kilometers it started to spin I've read that the problem might be in the master cylinder but i took it out and did sumo testing and it seams to...
  13. Troopy

    Help Wanted Please: All Gearbox Issues with Renault UK

    Hi to all, great to see the site back up and running!! Sorry you had so much hassle trying to solve the issue. I would really appreciate anyone who has been in contact with Reanult UK about Gearbox issues to add to this thread the details (dates etc if possible) about what was wrong and what...