clio 197 renault sport

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    Megane 265 swap

    Hi I'm looking to swap my engine which is a clio rs 197 cup to a megane 265 if possible, is there any help that you could give me on what I need to get to all work properly and possibly be 350bhp? Many thanks
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    197: FA08 Glacier White 197 R26R scheme, Land Rover Solihull

    See you in the work car park most days, you've let me out of one of the thousands of spaces a fair few times. Wouldn't know I'm off here as I am usually driving a black VW transporter but I have a BG 182 and a Flame Red 220 Trophy. Jake.
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    Liquid Yellow R27 433/500

    So i picked up my Clio in early January it looks great body wise but I think i'm no where near finished engine wise on how perfect I want it to be! Though I'd start this thread off with a few pictures of how the cars looking now! What it's got Miltek Cat Back Resonated Exhaust Front Splitter...
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    Newbie from North West

    Hi All, I recently purchased a Clio 197, first time having a car with a bit of power under the bonnet. Picked her up last week! The car is standard, the only thing that has been changed is the CD Player..