1. T

    Monaco Blue Clio 197

    Hey everyone, I am an 18 year old computer scientist from Luxembourg and since 5 months I am the new owner of my Clio 197. The belt and a broken string have been replaced as soon as I got it. It has 125.000km on the clock and it's running great with no problems so far. I'm proud to say that...
  2. A

    Hello. Albi Blue R27 Owner :)

    Hello Guys. Was on Cliosport.Net but seems to be some good information on this forum as well. Here is a picture of my car;
  3. Winnie

    Bored over the weekend

    Me and my mate got bored over the weekend so decided to clean our cars and take a few snaps :) P.S sorry about the quality (iPhone... Say no more)
  4. 197blue

    Hello from Wigan - 197

    Hi all! Just joined, here's a snap of my 197. Had her 4 weeks now.
  5. A

    30SP RS 197 Cup Project Car - New front splitter...*PIC

    The latest mod to the 30SP RS 197 Cup Project Car - New front splitter... Next Mods: 1) Spoiler 2) Spacers 3) Vinyl Company Wrap
  6. S

    Hello From My GT 1.5 dCI

    Good Afternoon, I got my blue 09 plate Clio 1.5 GT dCI late last year and I have unfortunately not had the time or the money to do any mods but now is the time! My previous car was a 206 which as you may know are so easy and cheap to chop and change pretty much every area – so I hope this...