albi blue

  1. JCarthy

    New member

    Hi all, Just joined up today. Have an '07 Clio197 for the last 12 months and thought it was about time to sign up. Living in Ireland and haven't seen many on the road. Looking forward to learning more about the car and the site. I've attached a few pics of the car. It was bought in Nothern...
  2. av4625

    Sprint Hillclimb 197

    I have a Megane 275 as a daily and I got a Clio 197 as a hillclimb/sprint car. I got early 200 cup shocks for the car. When changing the rear some clown had a sport spring in one side and what I guess is a standard Clio spring in the other. The car did sit very high at the back when I got it...
  3. A

    431/500 Albi Blue

    Here is mine. No. 431. Albi Blue.
  4. Fletch_uk

    Relatively new (to Albi 197 Owner Based in Sheffield.

    Hello all, After owning my lovely albi 197 for around 6 months now and after introducing myself properly on, I thought I would do the same on here! Having owned a Mk1 1.2 Clio since I was 17 for four years, I thought it was time for a change. I am still at university in...
  5. U

    Clio 197 Albi Blue

    Hi all! Another Clio 197 from Russia :)