1. Nickyandalanrs200

    Gear problem Auto 200t

    Anyone know the meaning of this? Our 200t Auto is misbehaving and as well as the check injection we also have this on the dash. My husband says when selecting Reverse it’s making a noise of some sort. We changed the battery but the faults didn’t clear.
  2. Dean Cohen

    For Sale

    Unsure if I am allowed to post this here but I though where else to try sell my car than to enthusiasts! (if this is not allowed please let me know and I will take this down) reluctantly selling and downsizing to a 197 as an attempt at being more financially sensible! Full listing here...
  3. Jay's Eye View

    Pictures of your phone mounting solutions

    In my old car, I had a mount that sat in the CD slot and this worked great with my rather large LG V20. However, with the 200T not having a CD slot, I need to get something else. At the moment my phone just lives in the cubby by the SD card slot, when I'm in the car. But that isn't practical if...
  4. T

    LY 200t Crossing A1, Bramham, Leeds

    After nearly a year of 200t ownership myself I spotted my first ever wild one and it happened to be a lovely LY one crossing the A1 from Bramham on the Thorner road. Unfortunately I was doing 70 on the A1 beneath so didn't get too close a look or a chance to wave!.
  5. T

    200t owners, try this NOW...

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned. Just spent a couple of hours cleaning the inside the car and had rear seats down, parcel shelf and the floor tray of the boot out. I've just been out for a quick tonk and my word what a noise it makes without all the sound deadening and seats/parcel...
  6. T

    Py24w Clear Indicator Bulbs 200t

    Bought some Philips silver vision from powerbulbs using they're own search engine and turns out the py21w that arrived aren't correct. Lesson learned. However I'm shocked to see the actual py24w required are £30 PER BULB! What gives? Is there there anywhere I can get rid of the orange look for...
  7. S

    mk4 touchscreen audio HU "R-Link" in a 197 ?

    Anyone thought about this? I certainly do, one of the features I envy the 200t owners of :) Seen quite a few 2nd hand units available at a decent price, just not that technical personally to do it on my own... If anyone goes for it, please post the progress thread, could be a nice and...